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Carolina Reis

It’s amazing how Welligton seen beauty in everyone, I started with the program 2019 feeling very depressed

about my body and my first weeks was though but after I understood how a balance diet with a professional and customized training changes everything.

I am definitely satisfied with program and today I don’t live without it ....

Thanks to be the best Coach ever!


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Simara Amaral

I just had a baby and was trying my hardest to lose weight. After 7 months of doing it alone I finally realized I needed professional help. I did a lot of research and tried one other trainer before finding Wellington.
After the first session, I was hooked. He truly helped me get back into my original pre-baby form just in time for the summer.He is an excellent motivator and I truly look forward to each and every session I have with him. He has not only helped me lose weight, but I am much stronger and far more knowledgeable of fitness. My sessions are always challenging and Wellington is a complete professional.


Tatsiana Fotiou

I was working with a fitness instructor for quite some time. I didn't see any results; mind you I'd been with him for 3 months. I went to my Doctor, only for him to tell me that I'd been losing muscle and not fat.
I needed a change and I needed it fast. I was referred to an amazing, (and when I say 'amazing', I mean it) trainer named Wellington and he drastically changed my life. I went from losing muscle to losing fat. I started to see results immediately. He had me on a heart healthy diet and from then on I was on my way to looking better and feeling better. I can't thank Wellington enough for how great I look and feel.


Taiara Dalabrida

I looked for coach Wellington because I needed to gain more lean mass, I had already lost weight, but I couldn't gain muscle. I needed professional support, someone who could really help me, who understood what I was looking for. To help me with my diet and training.
First time I got in touch with him, I already realized he was the right person. He called me, we talked and he took all my doubts and as soon as I got off the phone I went to register to be his student. In November of this year it will be 2 years since we are working together, I really like the attention he gives me, the freedom to send me a message and have him respond, to be able to ask questions, to motivate and help in the whole process.
Now I'm in the cutting process and there he is helping me with all his experience and knowledge. I am very grateful for all his help and I always recommend him to those who really want to reach their goals. 


Maria Hayes

It's been 2 years since I've been under the care of coach Wellington! It was and continues to be an incredible and transforming experience, not only physically but also in terms of quality of life. I have always had incredible and motivating results from the first month to the present moment. Wellington coach is a high level professional, always attentive, flexible and serious in his commitment to the client. I highly recommend the work of this great professional, if you follow exactly what he asks, there is no mistake you will achieve results above your expectations. Thank you Coach Wellington for all the countless benefits you helped me achieve and teachings. I am very happy and satisfied with everything. You are the best coach! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Thanks again coach Wellington 😃💪🏽🚀 


Viviane Power

I started training at home with Couch Wellington in the early days of the pandemic, not knowing exactly what I was looking for. I always had a training routine, I was always thin and I thought I had a healthy diet... but I was totally wrong. With his extensive professional knowledge, and great commitment to my continuous development, Couch Wellington showed me how poor my diet was and far from being healthy; and how much my training was below being a regular training. I learned from him how to eat well and healthy. I discovered how to give my best, and to focus on my potential to be explored in a more advanced way. I was surprised with the changes... not only with my body, but also with a better quality of life. 


Magno Gama

What a great decision it was to bring aboard Wellington as my strength and conditioning coach. I knew he was the right man for the job once he evaluated me. We then began my journey to perfection. Wellington is so keen on what I need in the fight world, each exercise is specific.


He is innovative and utilizes cutting edge science to enhance my performance. I am constantly approached by other fighters who ask me how I stay in such phenomenal shape.


He has helped me perform light years ahead of my competition. Whether your goal is general fitness/fat loss or you're a professional athlete looking to enhance stamina/performance, I encourage everyone to work with Wellington Paim. Thank you Wellington..!! You're the man..!!


Marci Basset

I really don't know where to start. I passed in the hands of two professionals before coach Wellington, one of them being a famous sportswoman. The result of this last attempt was a disaster, as it took all my courage and made me believe I was weak. I spent a year and a half standing still, doing nothing, without trust, without self-love. Until one day, I got to coach Wellington via Instagram. I exchanged several messages with him, saw the profile of several people who were already consulting with him and made my decision based on his conduct, as I needed someone to help me believe in my strength again. He was super helpful, took all my doubts and gave me a lot of confidence and knowledge. In January 2020 I started with it, with a total of 35% body fat. I had no problem with weight, I was the fake thin one, but I only had fat and cellulite, no muscle. He made me believe in the process and see beyond what I had. So we started our journey... As he told me, he has the knowledge, but I need to want and do. We have been together for 1 year and 4 months. I already had 15.5% body fat, depending on the goal and my dedication. He regained my self-esteem, my psychological and teaches me every day how to be better physically and mentally. He supports me any time and day. He always finds time to see me and that is priceless! He knows how I fought for glute augmentation, I never thought it was possible and today I'm here... Finding balance, because there are moments in life that we give 100%, there are others that we need to focus on other things, but never stop most. Thank you Coach, I already told you this, I don't know what magic you do, but you do. Thank you for the support and all the knowledge shared, today I believe in myself and know that it is possible to go much further! Namaste!


Maria G. Ferreira

Wellington seems to have an innate understanding of your weak areas and concentrates on making them stronger. At age 61 I feel that I am stronger and firmer than ever. I went from having extremely high cholesterol, blood pressure, and elevated triglycerides to having my HDL levels (good cholesterol) up to 53 and my LDL levels (bad cholesterol) down to 97. My blood pressure went down from 159 over 99 to 108 over 77. My triglyceride levels were through the roof at 317 mg/dl before training Wellington, now they are safe at 133 mg/dl.


Wellington is without a doubt the real deal when it comes to training; using his routines, diet strategies and advice concerning types of training. I have seen results that define his skill as a great fitness/strength trainer. My flexibility has increased at an age where it should be decreasing. I attribute this to my workouts with Wellington. These workouts are the best gift I can give myself.

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